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What are you quilting up in the New Year?

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Here's wishing you all a New Year filled with all things fabric and quilty. Did you get everything you wanted to complete finished? No? Neither did I. Yes? Well done you - I find I never remember how long everything takes to do when there is the mayhem of Christmas going on.

Riverport Quilting has two new client quilts to be made from scratch, so we will be busy over the next few weeks sewing constantly. One design is really only a rail fence design and because we're using precut 2.5 inch strips and a random effect it goes together relatively quickly. The client has asked for the same fabric as the blue rail fence (Christmas gift blog post) but in brown, beige, cream and white. Now, we all know you don't get exactly what you want or think you want and there will always be other tints and colours in with those chosen, So, Boundless by Craftsy had a jelly roll in pretty much the right colours and in exactly the same batiks as the blue one. I don't think that's too bad a fit.

The other is an adaptation of a star block. Which star, I'm not sure, except to say it has a lot of flying geese in it and some of them are tiny (1" by 2"). This has a colour theme of teal, cream, silver and a feature fabric with each of those colours and navy in. The blocks are going to stand on point, which makes it a little difficult to predict just how wide they will turn out, but as the completed square is 8" across I'm thinking it'll be about 10.5" to 11" across the diagonal.

As for personal stuff, I have a big queen-sized quilt to finish. The Good Life Quilt-along with Angela Walters on Craftsy/Bluprint still has the cutting out and sewing together plus the quilting to do. I chose the Amour Blue fabric, which is a lovely steely blue and light brown shades.

That's pretty much it from us for the next few weeks - not that we don't have a gazillion packs of fabrics for many. many more quilts - so we'll have plenty to see us through to next New Year.

Riverport Quilting and I wish you all a peaceful and happy New Year.

Thank you for reading this blog. Looking for a customized quilt for you or a loved one contact me today for a quote! I look forward to hearing your ideas! Clare

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