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Corner label with information about the fabric, maker and date made

Labeling Your Quilt

A special touch to your Riverport Quilt, for your friends or family.

Labels are a special touch and way of showing information about the construction of the quilt; the fabric of the quilt or the maker of the quilt. It not only marks a bit of history, but a special note from you to your loved one. 

Labels come in all shapes and sizes. They can be sewn onto the corner, like the photo. As well, the quilt label adds a benefit of being able to hang the quilt up. They can be simply written using indelible ink on a rectangle of plain fabric and sewn on the back. They can also be sewn on as part of the quilting - less obvious and more of a nice surprise when it's discovered.

All stitching is priced at £20 an hour.


What do you want your special label to say? Contact us and let us know.

Quilt Binding UK

Quilt Binding

Binding, labeling and finishing can all be undertaken by hand and machine.

The edging of your quilt is likely to get the most wear and tear of any part of your quilt. We like to make sure your edging is as much a part of your quilt as the patchwork or quilting pattern. Our aim is to make it blend seamlessly or stand proudly - whichever is your preference.

We prefer to use double thickness fabric for our binding and attach it to the front of the quilt first. Then fold it over to the back, usually with mitered corners, and either machine stitched or hand stitched using a small slipstitch to the back.

Straight quilt edges are usually bound with straight grain binding and curved edges with binding made on the bias. Making binding on the bias is more time consuming than making it running with the grain but it does allow the binding to stretch and flex with the curved edges.

Sewing the back of the binding down can be completed using either hand-stitching or machine stitching. Hand-stitching gives a much neater finish and doesn't show at all on the front of the quilt. Machine stitching, although quicker does show on the front of the quilt. However a pretty decorative stitch can make it a feature of the quilt. 

All stitching is priced at £20 an hour.

Ready to order your Riverport Quilt? We'd love to hear your ideas and create a beautiful quilt for you or your loved ones. 

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