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Custom Quilting Made For You by Riverport Quilting

For those special designs that are particular favourites or have a special meaning.

The cost of custom quilting ranges from 5 pence per square inch to 10 pence per square inch. All rulerwork is included in this section.

Custom quilting is often used when particular parts of the quilt need to be focused on as it allows the eye to be drawn to one area. When a custom design is quilted on, it can mean the quilting is more dense. The process will make the quilt feel stiffer initially. Generally the stiffness reduces as the quilt is washed, used and becomes more cozy.

Handmade Patchwork Quilts


Stitch-in-the-ditch, All-over quilting and unique custom designs all undertaken.

As the saying goes - quilting makes the quilt.

Well yes the quilting can make a big difference to the feel and look of a quilt. We aim to ensure the quilting is perfect for your quilt and the job you want it to do.

The essence of quilting is to keep the 3 layers of top, batting and backing together and to stop the batting from migrating and clumping together when a quilt is washed.

Patchwork Quilts

For those softer quilts you just want to wrap around yourself

Cuddling and Bed Quilts

A quilt which is going to be used for cuddling under or as a bed quilt really needs a softer feel with more drape. The quilting doesn't need to be very close together to achieve this, although how soft and flexible the finished quilt is can depend upon various factors - such as the batting used, whether starch is used, whether the fabrics and/or the batting has been pre-washed. Generally we don't pre-wash as this can add on hugely to the overall cost of making a quilt.

Assuming the quilt top is not made up of lots of tiny pieces, stitch-in-the-ditch and an all-over edge-to-edge design will give the softest feel and drape well. 

The cost of an all over or edge-to-edge quilting design ranges from 3 pence per square inch to 6 pence per square inch.

Display & Heirloom Quilts

When the quilting is as important as the patchwork top.

If the quilt is to be put on display or is an heirloom quilt, which will have very little use it will often have very dense quilting in some areas, allowing other areas to 'pop' out and be puffier than the surrounding. This will make the quilt very stiff and allow it to keep its shape. A piece of quilt art work from Riverport Quilting.

The cost of this intricate work ranges from 7 pence per square inch to 15 pence per square inch.

Custom Quilts
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