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Patchwork Quilts UK

Riverport Quilting Patchwork tops

Custom eye-catching - unique pattern quilts.  
The love of a quilt is in the tiny details.

Pricing your patchwork top

Pricing Made Simple 

Pricing a patchwork top is difficult to do and can depend on a large number of factors.

Here at Riverport Quilting we like to get it right, which generally means not trying to rush the process too much. However, our pricing is not reliant on the time it takes from start to finish, but more dependent on the number of hours. We set the timer going from the moment we start to cut the fabric. Every time we stop, whether that is for a tea break, to answer the phone (even if it is to you!) or simply at the end of the day so does the clock. We only time when we are actively engaged to making your quilt top.

The price per hour - £20 per hour - is the same whether you have a simple rail fence design or a more complicated design where every block is different and there are Y seams and partial seams to incorporate. The more fiddly and time consuming a design is to make the more it will cost. Simple designs like rail fence patchwork designs can be completed within a day - approximately 5-10 hours. This sounds a bit vague, but the size can also be an important factor. More complex designs will take longer.

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