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Client quilt update

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

The rail fence quilt I was making for a client really didn't take any time at all. It was using the Boundless Batiks from what was Craftsy and is now Bluprint. Using a simple jelly roll makes it all so much easier.

After I made the blue rail fence quilt from the first blog, for one of my friends, I was a little concerned that doing a similar one in a brown colourway would leave the quilt a little flat. The blue one is so vibrant. However I shouldn't have worried myself so much - the pinks and greens gave it a lift and whilst it didn't quite zing in the same way it certainly had a warmth that the blue one didn't have.

The client also wanted a simpler quilting pattern than I had done on the blue one, which I was quite relieved about. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy the quilting - just the indecision about what pattern to do where. It had taken me a whole week to quilt it based on the 'what am I going to do in the next rectangle' question. Completing an all-over (edge-to-edge) design was so much quicker.

So onto the next quilt in the pipeline. This next one has been in the system for quite some time. I was first given the commission to make this quilt in the middle of July 2018. But it took another month before the client had any idea of the pattern she wanted on the patchwork. She sent me a picture of a quilt in blue and white with a rising star/double sawtooth patchwork block surrounded by plain fabric squares and the colours she wanted it in - not the simple monotone effect of the picture!

Well first I had to simplify the patchwork. What's all well and good when you have all the time in the world for your own quilts isn't always as appropriate when someone has to pay for it to be made. To be truthful the patchwork wouldn't have had the WOW factor in the combination of colours that were wanted. OK, finally September and the pattern is finalised, fabric samples based on the colours requested have been purchased... No none of the fabrics were the right hue/tone/shade to go with the bedroom the quilt was going in. Never mind, there was a quilt show coming up locally (Duxford Imperial War Museum, for those in the UK), we'd meet up and have a look there. I did wonder how we'd find the right colour there when the Festival of Quilts (the biggest Quilting event in Britain) didn't have it. And I should know because I'd bought pretty much every sample of teal and burgundy fabric I could find, along with cream and a few greys.

So armed with the measurements and bolstered with a cup of tea we started to search. We did actually find the cream, grey and teal relatively quickly. Could we find that last lot of fabric? No, of course we couldn't because I don't think it actually exists. Instead, simultaneously we grabbed for a navy patterned fabric. I looked at my client and said, "But it's navy!" She looked at me and said, "I don't care it matches the other three perfectly. Who cares if the curtains are burgundy!" Don't you love quilters? The fabric has to be just right, until it doesn't because they've seen something else that will work in a different way.

This is what we have so far. I'm not usually this slow making quilts, but as there is no rush and I have made 6 other quilts in between getting the fabric and now I haven't got a huge way along the process. This weekend looks promising though. A little preview of the goods below.

So that's it for a little while. Do get in contact if you have any questions. But I'll be back to show you the finished product towards the end of January.

Thank you for reading this blog. Looking for a customized quilt for you or a loved one contact me today for a quote! I look forward to hearing your ideas! Clare

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